Friday, September 14, 2012

Papers & Presentations at UbiMI 2012

The organisers would like to thank all the workshop participants for their attendance at UbiMI 2012 edition. Furthermore, we would also like to thank the program committee for their hard work and efficiency when reviewing the submitted papers!

Great job and see you next year!

Ubiquitous Inference of Mobility State of Human Custodian in People-Centric Context Sensing
Authors: Mattia Gustarini; Katarzyna Wac

Multimodal Annotation Tool for Challenging Behaviors in People with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Authors: Akane Sano; Javier Hernandez; Jean Deprey; Micah Eckhardt; Matthew S. Goodwin; Rosalind W. Picard

A Preliminary Study of Sensing Appliance Usage for Human Activity Recognition Using Mobile Magnetometer
Authors: Mi Zhang; Alexander A. Sawchuk

Context-Aware Mobile Crowdsourcing
Authors: Andrei Tamilin; Iacopo Carreras; Emmanuel Ssebaggala; Alfonse Opira; Nicola Conci

On the Challenges of Building a Web-based Ubiquitous Application Platform
Authors: Heiko Desruelle; John Lyle; Simon Isenberg; Frank Gielen

Using Ontologies to Reduce User Intervention to Deploy Sensing Campaigns with the InCense Toolkit
Authors: Marcela D. Rodríguez; Roberto Martínez; Moisés Pérez; Luis A. Castro; Jesus Favela

Engaging participants for collaborative sensing of human mobility
Authors: Helena Rodrigues; Maria João Nicolau; Rui João José; Adriano Moreira

A Comparison of Alternative Client/Server Architectures for Ubiquitous Mobile Sensor-Based Applications
Authors: Gary M. Weiss; Jeffrey W. Lockhart